Decide Now!

and do it in a fun way!

Can't decide? Or afraid of making the wrong choice? The original Decide Now! app is here to help you! Create your question, add answers, spin the wheel and see what comes up!
Decide Now! will randomly choose your next step in those situations and give you entertaining ideas on different occasions.

Where to travel? What dress should I wear?
Who is going to answer in the classroom?
Let Decide Now! select it in a fun way!

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Custom wheels

Create unlimited number of your OWN wheels with unlimited number of labels you can put on them.

Deactivate labels

Disable/enable labels to temporarily
eliminate some choices.

Bulk import

Add large label lists to your wheels
right from the clipboard.

Export wheels

Easily export your wheels and share them with your friends or transfer among your devices.

Quick stop

It takes too long to wait until the wheel stops?
No problem. Enable quick stop to let it decelerate faster!

Share your decisions with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Shake to randomize

Randomly reposition your labels on the wheel
just by shaking your device.

Light theme

Dark theme

Color schemes

What our customers say and how they use it

by acelee86

The most useful app I have

This app is great. I have a ton of makeup and I got frustrated trying to decide what to use so I let this app pick for me.

by Momma1965


The best prize wheel app out there, and I've tried lots of them. Super easy to use and makes a great booking tool for vendor events.

by Mcgilv

Great app

I use it a church to choose songs for the primary aged kids. It really is a lot of fun. I love that you can see what your write on each section and that you can pick what color you want to use.

by Honolulu Teacher

Classroom tool

This app is a perfect classroom tool. I use it all the time in study games. I put it up on the screen with the Apple TV and the kids love it!

by Kia Gerbals

Love it!

I'm a kindergarten teacher and use this every day in my classroom. The kiddos love watching it spin and learn each other's names so quickly. It's so easy to make a wheel for anything. I love it and highly recommend!

by FischerFam


Title explains it all! I use this app to pick soldiers for extra duty. They hate it I love it!

It's your turn
to Decide Now!

Get Decide Now! for iOS
Get Decide Now! for Android


How much labels can I add to the wheel?

You can add as many labels as you want. However for performance reasons we recommend to avoid adding more than 300 items.

Is it really random?

Yes and no. If you tap the central button it kicks the wheel with a random force so the result is always randomly chosen. But if you spin the wheel by dragging it, the speed of the wheel will only depend on how fast you’ve been spinning. On top of it we’ve added the “Shake to Randomise” option to reposition the labels in a random order.

Is it possible to sync my wheels between 2 devices?

Right now it is possible to export your wheels from one device and import it into another. Additionally we are working on an iCloud-Sync between multiple iOS devices.


You have questions about the app or maybe some feature ideas? Don't hesitate to drop us a couple of lines. We always love to get your feedback!

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